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Recovery of an aesthetically pleasing body without a sign of relaxation.

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    Abdominoplasty brings a unique change in body image. The loose and large belly affects both the lifestyle and our attitude in both standing and seated positions. The surgery involves patients who have undergone some serious medical intervention such as a balloon, a gastric ring, a gastric bypass, and have lost too many kilos, resulting in a relaxation of the abdominal wall and the underlying muscles. In women, surgery is indicated for the facilitation of abdomen after pregnancy. Abdominoplasty is a one-way course in trying to recover an aesthetically pleasing body.

    The results of abdominoplasty are permanent, but significant weight gain will affect them. Abdominoplasty is not a substitute for proper nutrition and exercise but it is complementary. Also, it is not a treatment for the skin of the abdominal skin, only those contained in the portion of the skin that is covered and usually refers to the lower part of the abdomen are removed.

    General anesthesia is usually required for surgery, but when it is restricted to repairing the lower abdominal zone, only (mini abdominoplasty) can be done with local anesthesia or even drunkenness. The navel does not change position but remains at exactly the same height. The convergence of the sections is done with absorbable stitches. Small drains are then placed to collect the normal postoperative fluid. Patients leave the clinic after removal of these drains over 2 to 5 days. At the end of surgery, a special compression bandage is placed.

    It is worth noting that we almost always combine abdominoplasty with regional liposuction in lateral abdominal countries as well as general liposuction of the abdomen at the same time as abdominoplasty or in a previous stage of rehabilitation if this is chosen by the patient because we end up with even better aesthetics results.
    After the surgery, the total change in the patient’s body is one of the largest that Plastic Surgery can give. It is impressive when one suddenly sees his body slimmed down and at the same time tightened in the abdomen, with a flat belly without a picture of relaxation.

    Detailed information on your case will be given after your examination by the Plastic Surgeon.