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Removal of loose skin on the eyelids and  correction of the fat of the eye, that when projected creates the impression of a “bag”.

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    The eyes play the dominant role in the expression of our face.

    Over time or due to inheritance the eyelids acquire relaxation and excess skin, fatty “pouches” fat loss resulting in the liveliness of the look. Here Plastic Surgery is doing miracles.

    Blepharoplasty is intended to remove loose skin on the eyelids and to correct the fat of the eye that when projected creates the impression of a “bag”. The loose, excess skin that is built on the eyelids, can sometimes affect vision by limiting the field of vision. The incisions of the upper eyelids are made in the fold of the eyelid and just below the lashes.

    The surgery is done with local anesthesia-drunkenness and is totally painless. Depending on the needs of each patient, surgery can only be performed at the bottom or only at the top or both.

    The incisions in blepharoplasty are designed in such a way that, after healing, the scars are “hidden” in normal anatomical aspects of the eyelid area and not observable. Sections of the incisions become inconsistently progressive, whereas already 8 days after the surgery are not visible due to the good perfusion and healing of the area.
    The sutures are removed 5-7 days after surgery. In younger patients who do not relax the skin of the lower eyelids, a so-called interleuklear blepharoplasty can be performed where the fat of the lower eyelids is removed by an incision in the conjunctiva. The latest technique is the blepharoplasty with the preservation of the perioconcentric fat and the strengthening of the ophthalmic diaphragms which gives an extremely natural and harmonious effect.

    It should be noted that blepharoplasty does not change the shape of the eyes.

    After the surgery, patients can return to their normal activities after a week. The incisions are almost invisible, the look looks relaxed and the vision looks more youthful.

    Detailed information on your case will be given after your examination by the Plastic Surgeon.