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Thermage therapy to grind and tighten the wrinkled and loose skin in certain areas of the body.

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    Thermage Body and Face Therapy uses a unique radio frequency technology that passes heat deep into the skin to renew and tighten existing collagen but also to trigger new production.
    Thermage is a monotherapy (one treatment only) applied in all seasons and is independent of skin and sunshine.
    You can go back to your everyday activities right after treatment, Improvement looks immediate and ends in six months.

    Knees, legs, arms and arms are signs where signs of age appear first.

    Thermage has developed specialized therapies to help grind and tighten the wrinkled, wrinkled and loose skin in these areas of the body. Many women after birth or after weight loss want to eliminate unwanted relaxation.

    The Thermage body treatment helps tighten, gain firmness and form the arms, thighs, buttocks, waist and abdomen.
    Thermage is applied by specially trained doctors in our clinic.