Botox – Expression Wrinkle Correction

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BOTOX is a natural, processed protein that delays the appearance and worsening of wrinkles.

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    ΒΟΤΟΧ is the only treatment that acts on the cause of wrinkles that are muscle contractions during expression. Consequently, someone who is subjected for a particular period to treatment with BOTOX, delays the appearance, worsening of wrinkles for as long as BOTOX works, and prevents wrinkles from expression.

    ΒΟΤΟΧ is a natural, processed protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. Very small doses of the drug are administered to the muscle, inhibiting the transmission of the nervous stimulus and thus the muscle is immobilized and does not contract. Application of the injection acts locally and the drug is not absorbed by the body. BOTOX is used as a cure for certain conditions such as blepharospasm, spastic recurrences etc. For many years now it has been applied to Aesthetic Medicine.

    BOTOX treatment is not permanent and lasts for 4 to 6 months, so it should be repeated. After treatment gradually within 10 days the result is completed. On the 15th day after the 1st infusion, follow up is made for some corrections if needed. BOTOX in Aesthetic Medicine is applied by plastic and dermatologists.