Foxy Eyes

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Eyebrow and gaze lift with the Foxy Eyes treatment.

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    Foxy Eyes treatment is a non-invasive technique that achieves eyebrow and eyelid lift. It elongates the eye and lifts the outer corner of the eye to achieve symmetry and a more youthful and attractive upward-slanting eye shape.

    Foxy Eyes is one of the relatively painless treatments you could try, as it is preceded by an injection of local anaesthesia. It is performed using the thread suspension technique in the deep facial tissue to lift it and also produce collagen. With this technique, threads are inserted and hooked under skin, in the eyebrow area, to lift the area to the level the patient desires.

    The results are immediate and require only one session, while the recovery time is 2-3 days.

    Foxy Eyes lasts 8-12 months. Over time, the thread is absorbed by the skin.