SERVICES Description

Tightening and mild lifting on the skin of the face ,resulting in wrinkle abrasion, activation of collagen and tightening on the outline of the face.

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    A complete program of clamping, cellulite and liposuction to get a sculpted body. COAX MED is the most complete medical device because it has a monopole RF with 14 different frequencies and a separate head for the face and the body, CAVITATION with the latest type of more active lipolytic ultrasound, alone or with parallel application of RF with the same head, vacuum lymphophysiology Cryotherapy.
    CoaXMED combines two innovative technologies. Cavitation (low frequency lipolytic ultrasound) for lipo-destruction and RF (monopolar and bipolar radio frequency) for tightening through the production of new collagen. It provides tightening with Radio Frequency (RF), as it works on the face, through the production of collagen. Radiofrequencies, apart from the collagenation they cause, they also have the ability to cause liposuction. Shrinking the adipocyte also leads to the elimination of cellulite. So we are tightening and eliminating cellulite in 1 treatment.

    It also provides liposuction with Cavitation, meaning, bloodless liposuction. When we refer to bloodless liposuction, we mean removing adipocytes from the body by means of lipolytic ultrasound of low frequencies. This Cavitation creates the phenomenon of constant “cavitation” in the adipocytes resulting in rupture of the cell membrane. The elimination of fat from the body takes place through the body’s natural pathway and requires the consumption of low-fat water and foods for as long as the treatment lasts.

    It has been shown by clinical studies to tighten and make a mild lifting on the skin of the face, resulting in wrinkle abrasion, activation of collagen and tightening on the outline of the face.

    Treatment requires 8 to 12 applications and can be repeated each year to maintain the result. For a tight and youthful skin.