Laser Spider veins

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Τhe most modern non-traumatic method, currently used to treat all kinds of spider veins.

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    Treatment of face and body sprains

    The use of specialized laser in the treatment of spider veins is the most modern non-traumatic method, currently used and can treat all of their spectrum, from the thinnest to a spider lattice called hemangioma.
    With the definition spider veins we mean small surface vessels that end up in the skin and are visible, creating an unattractive effect. They can appear in any part of the body with more frequent appearance on the face, thighs, legs and ankles. They have a diameter of 0.1 to 1 mm and they have a finest red color and tend to blue as their diameter increases.

    Any condition or activity that exerts pressure on the leg veins (weight gain, long standing, etc.) may make the condition worse. In women, spider veins often appear during pregnancy. On the face the main factor that intensifies the appearance of the phenomenon is the excessive exposure to solar radiation.
    Spider veins suffer from more than 4 out of 10 adults and the proportion increases in people with cellulite and of course people with normal aging.

    The laser targets specific spots and destroys the hemoglobin of the spider veins near the surface of the skin without damaging the skin. The doctor will start by taking a full medical history and looking at the area and your skin that needs treatment. Usually it takes more than one sessions to complete the desired result. The procedure is relatively short and does not require anesthesia.

    The treatment is applied by specialized doctors.